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in Higher Education

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It is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

Consortium partners

The project was initiated by
6 partners from Norway, UK, Croatia,
Cyprus, Sweden and Spain

cMOOC for Educators

Learn the basics about chatbots and how to use them in Higher Education.
Get some practical experience, and join the exploration of future best practice.
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EDUBOTS Conference (Jan 2022)

View Recordings of our final conference to learn more about the latest research on chatbots in higher education!
Recordings include:

Opening - EDUBOTS Conference
Lars Willner, Differ.chat

Release of cMOOC 2.0: Best practice of Chatbots in Higher Education
Gregor Jarisch, EDUBOTS Project Manager

"Five years since chatbots become popular; How much impact did Chatbots have in higher education overall? What will chatbots bring for higher education in the next 5 years?"

Round Table

Chatbots in Higher Education: Perceptions of educators' and students' potential use and needs
Olia Tsivitanidou, University of Nicosia  / Andri Ioannou, CYENS - Centre of Excellence

JISC AI Centre chatbot developments in UK FE and HE
Tom Moule, Jisc's National Centre for AI in Tertiary Education

Chatbots' journey at the Faculty of Organizations and Informatics

Antonela Čižmešija, Goran Hajdin, Dijana Plantak Vukovac, FOI, University of Zagreb

Using AI Chatbots in Education: Recent Advances Challenges and Use Case in Saudi Arabia

Moneerh Aleedy, Information Technology Department at PNU

Findings on the application of chatbots in Education: Students' and teachers' perspectives
Francisco Barranco, University of Granada

Using an Online Chat Community to Support Under-represented Students’ Transitions to Leeds

Elen Rose / Lucy Holehan, Plus Programme - University of Leeds
View Recordings of
Final Online Conference

EDUBOTS Conference (Jun 2021)

You can access all the sessions in our cMOOC,
where we also publish all webinar recordings.
Check out our conference recording from last Spring where we explored the future role of chatbots in Education together with leading educational scientists and chatbot researchers.
Among the speakers were:

- Prof. Rupert Wegerif, from Cambridge Education
- Dr. Wayne Holmes, Unesco Consultant for AI in Education.
- Asbjørn Følstad, Senior Researcher at SINTEF with focus on Human-Computer interaction