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Realizing Chatbots in Higher Education

Edubots is an ongoing Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliance project, funded by the European Commission for 2019-2021.

We welcome all educators in Europe to join our learning community to participate in the project activities and make use of the research, learning resources and tools that will be made available.

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Our partners

The project was initiated by 6 partners from across Europe

We have big dreams

Our main goals

The long-term goal of Edubots is to improve results and raise attainment levels in European higher education. We aim to do this by exploring best practices and innovative use of chatbots, and by creating a learning community of educators. On a granular level we aim to use chatbots to:
Increased student engagement
Increased student engagement

We focus on how communication and enthusiasm is between students and educators facilitated by chatbots.

Improved feedback
Improved feedback

We focus on increasing the accuracy and quality of information and communication in the feedback between educator and student.

Increased retention
Improved student success

Project pilots are designed with the overall goal of decreasing dropout rates and raising student performance results by using chatbots.

Knowledge sharing
Knowledge sharing

Participants are invited to join a learning community of educators, to learn about chatbots and to share and improve learning and  teaching through practical experience.

Target audience

We ❤ students and educators

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We help students

Chatbots have the potential to improve the student experience throughout the entire student journey, ultimately to have a positive impact on student well-being and student success.

This means improved learning outcomes and larger numbers of students that succeed in their studies - of immense socio-economic benefit for Europe and the world.


We help educators

The goal of the Edubots project is to build a learning community including educators from all European countries. ‍

Participating universities and educators will get access to:

  • Connections with chatbot experts and pioneers in higher education
  • Knowledge sharing by using cMOOC on the topic of Chatbots in Higher Education
  • Pilot reports
  • Free chatbot solutions from project partners

Our important numbers
Expected Outcome
White Paper:
Best Practices of Pedagogical Chatbots in Higher Education
Four Pilot Phases
10,000 students from across Europe
Chatbot pilots at universities from various countries
Initiating a cMOOC on the topic of Chatbots in Higher Education
Shared knowledge
Constantly sharing new findings and best practices as the project evolves
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EDUBOTS - Best Practices of Pedagogical Chatbots in Higher Education
Reference Number: 612466-EPP-1-2019-1-NO-EPPKA2-KA

EdTech Foundry AS
Hoffsveien 6a
0275 Oslo
Organizational number: 998 716 454

Project Manager:
Gregor Jarisch  ( )

co-funded by the erasmus+ programme of the european union