Studying How to Apply Chatbots Technology in Higher-Education: First Results and Future Strategies

Written by:
JJ Merelo

This paper tries to find the best condition to use chatbots (conversational agents) in higher-education studies after pilots carried out at the University of Granada (Spain). Our aim, along with the rest of partners in EDUBOTS -an Erasmus + European Project which counts with two pedagogical chatbots-, is to improve students’ engagement in class, as well as reducing the existing gap between them and their teachers. In this paper we present the results of a previous survey carried out among the students with the intention of laying out a plan of possible effective applications of this technology in the classroom in the near future, if possible during the next project pilot. The survey helps us confirm the reasons for the learning outcomes in the carried out pilots, as well as identify the targets for future application of chatbot technology.

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About Edubots
Edubots is an ongoing Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliance, funded by the European Commission for 2020-2021. The aim is to document and develop best practice use of chatbots in Higher Education, and to create a learning community of Educators in Europe.

Consortium partners

The project was initiated by 6 partners from Norway, Sweden, UK, Croatia, Cyprus and Spain.

EDUBOTS - Best Practices of Pedagogical Chatbots in Higher Education
Reference Number: 612466-EPP-1-2019-1-NO-EPPKA2-KA

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