Student chatbot solutions

The Edubots consortium include two chatbot providers, who provide purpose-built chatbots for students and educators in higher education.

By joining the Edubots community, you will get free access to these self-service solutions for small scale trials.

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How can Differ help you and your students?

Differ is a chat app for university students, making it easier for them to connect and chat with peers. Differ use social chatbots 🤖to make introductions and break the ice. Student will get a link from the teacher, and a browser window will pop up and then they can download Differ and connect with peers to build an inclusive and helpful peer community

The purpose of the app is to help new students develop friendship and a sense of belonging, with the aims of increasing both engagement and retention.

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Social chatbot for informal ice-breaking

Helping students connect with peers

Peer communities (optional)

Curated learning communities powered by peers and senior students. Break the psycho-social barriers for student engagement.

Chatbot for peer mentorship

Connect new students with peer mentors, staff and/or alumnis. It can be as simple as giving everyone a personal welcome, and answer student questions.

How can Hubert.AI help you and your students?

Why should you use Hubert instead of a normal old fashion survey? Surveys are, and have always been, associated with the most boring of tasks. Messaging, on the other hand, is associated with a natural and fun part of everyday life. Messaging has become big. Incredibly big. WhatsApp holds more than 1.5 billion accounts alone. Survey response rates worldwide have been on a steady decline for years.

By using a conversational interface, we will try to make giving feedback fun and easy. Student will get a link from the teacher and a browser window will pop up and then they can start chatting with Hubert. Its that easy!

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Unlock the student voice

Welcome to the era of conversational feedback handling. Replace traditional surveys with intelligent chatbot conversations and get insights instead of clues.

Surveys made fun and easy

Hubert is a perfect combination of chatbot technology and advanced text analytics. Engage your respondents in personalized conversations and gain actionable insights from automatically analyzed data

Actionable insights for teachers

Probe deep down into the minds of large audiences and learn what makes them tick. Open-text responses are the best way to extract insight, and Hubert will analyze and compile them for you.

* Real, actionable results at lightning speed
* Extract the essence from every conversation
* Top strengths and improvables are highlighted

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