Introduction to Edubots

Edubots is an ongoing Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliance, funded by the European Commission for 2019-2021. We welcome all Educators in Europe to join our learning community to participate in the project activities and make use of the research, free learning resources and free tools.

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Consortium partners

The project was initiated by 6 partners from Norway, Sweden, UK, Croatia, Cyprus and Spain.

What is the big picture for Edubots?

On a high-level, Edubots has the goal of improving educational attainment in European higher education. We do that by exploring best practice use of chatbots, and by creating a learning community of Educators in Europe.

Increased student engagement

We focus on engagement between students and educators facilitated by chatbots.

Improved feedback loops

We focus on increasing the frequency and accuracy of feedback between educators and students.

Improved student success

Project pilots are designed with the overall goal of decreasing dropout rates by using chatbots.

Knowledge sharing

Join a learning community of educators, to learn about chatbots and share your practical experiences.

Who is Edubots for?


Chatbots has the potential of improving the student experience through the entire student journey, ultimately having a positive impact on student wellbeing and student success. We encourage Educators to work with students in chatbots trials and project's to learn about the student experience, expectations and motivations.


The goal of the Edubots project is to build a learning community including Educators from all European countries. Participating educators will have the chance to learn the basics about chatbots and best practice in Higher Ed, but also be given free tools and peer support to get practical experience. Educators are encouraged to share their experience back to the community.

We are reaching out to Teaching & Learning departments, and Technology Enhanced Learning departments and similar to build a European network of participating universities.

Edubots newsletter "Chatbots in Higher Education"

EDUBOTS - Best Practices of Pedagogical Chatbots in Higher Education
Reference Number: 612466-EPP-1-2019-1-NO-EPPKA2-KA

Consortium leader
EdTech Foundry AS
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Organizational number: 998 716 454
Project Manager: Gregor Jarisch  ( send email )

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