Introduction to chatbots, for Educators

This online course and community of practice is designed for Educators in Higher Education, and created to co-explore the best practice use of chatbots.

Edubots community

The community consist of HE professionals with a curious mind, and an interest to improve teaching & learning with the help of learning technology and new innovative methodologies. It is a multicultural community with members from all over Europe, it’s open to everyone - and it’s free to join.

No prior experience,
or knowledge, of chatbots needed.

“Introduction to Chatbots, for Educators” is an online course, designed as a so called cMOOC. What does that mean?

”cMOOCs are based on a connectivist pedagogical model that views knowledge as a networked state and learning as the process of generating those networks and adding and pruning connections.”

“cMOOCs are distributed, and they emphasise, the importance of learner autonomy. As a consequence of increased learner control, numerous tools and technologies are used during the delivery of an open course. Each learner selects the technologies that he or she prefers to use.”

George Siemens - Massive Open Online Courses: Innovation in Education?

Chatbots in

Does chatbots really have a role to play in the context of education?Can it really support teaching & learning?

Well, what do you think? Join the discussions, and explore the pros and cons and potential user cases.

with the community

Introduce yourself, break the ice with other members of the community, help eachother and share ideas. We are hosting our community on Differ.Chat, purpose-built for students in Higher Education.

Async learning activities
to learn the basics

When you register for the community, you will directly get access to the learning activities and materials that we are hosting on the Eduflow Learning Experience Platform.

Decide yourself how much time you want to spend exploring and learning about chatbots.(Minimum 1 hour recommended)

Free chatbots included

To help you cross the bridge from curiosity to practical experience with chatbots, the course give you free access to two chatbots purpose-built for students.

BO (developed by Differ.Chat) is designed to facilitate peer conversations in online learning communities.

Hubert.AI is designed to facilitate a conversational feedback session with students, replacing the

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Edubots is an ongoing Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliance project. We welcome all educators in Europe to join our learning community to participate in the project activities and make use of the research, learning resources and tools that will be made available. The project is co-funded by the European commissionThe cMOOC is facilitated by a number of team members fro the project consortium.
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