Project results



The project kicks off with agreeing on the detailed project plan in WP1 led by the coordinator. The project manager will supervise the project throughout the project period and make sure the plan is followed and work is done according to the plan.


Deliverable 1: Detailed project plan (confidential)



Before implementation of pilots, the current the-state-of-the-art in formative assessment and feedback in online learning, and chatbots will be investigated. This activity is led by one of the university partners with research expertise – CYENS - Centre of Excellence. The activity also includes need analysis, research and preparation needed to be able to start the implementation of pilots.



According to lean methodology, the implementation follows the planning and understanding (State-of-the-art analysis) just a few months after project start. Project coordinator, EdTech Foundry, will prepare the pilots and each academic partner will implement it at their institution. In the scope of the pilots, educators will receive instructions on how to use Differ and Hubert, and they will have the opportunity to adjust them to their needs. After each pilot, the coordinator will gather feedback and use it to improve the next round of piloting.


Deliverable 3: Pilot plan (confidential)



The quality of each pilot and the project as a whole, will be monitored in WP4. The work package is led by a data mining expert, University of Leeds, in collaboration with the respective university leading their own pilot and the service providers.

Deliverable 4: Quality Management Plan (confidential)
Deliverable 5: Data Report (confidential)



Based on the data from the pilots collected in the work package 4, partner from University of Zagreb, Faculty of Organization and Informatics will lead the evaluation and knowledge sharing; together with a board of pedagogical and chatbot experts. Together all partners contribute to document learnings and outcomes to be shared in work package 6.

Deliverable 6: Case Studies from all pilots
View Case Studies from all Pilots

Selected cases
Use case 1: Informal Course Evaluation (Hubert)
Use case 2: A collection of Telegram bots for managing university courses (Telegram)
Use case 3: Online Chat and Chatbots to Enhance Mature Student Engagement in Higher Education (Differ)
Use case 4: Comparison of Buddy Bot and Chatbot BO (Differ)
Use case 5: Students’ self-reflection - Middle of Semester (Hubert)

Deliverable 7: White Paper - Best Practices of Chatbots in higher Education
View Best practices of chatbots in higher education



All partners contribute to sharing the learnings. Here we present all of the relevant materials.


Deliverable 8: Dissemination plan (confidential)

Deliverable 9: Project Website

View EDUBOTS website (this website)

Deliverable 10: Project Identity

Download EDUBOTS Project Identity Package (Zip file)

Deliverable 11: Journal Papers

"Chatbots and messaging platforms in the classroom: an analysis from the teacher’s perspective"

Partner: CYENS, Leeds and UGR, Status: submitted to HCII 2022 conference

"Assessment and comparison of meta-features for educational chatbots data and survey data"

Partner: FOI, Status: accepted for publishing in journal WSEAS Transactions on Computers

"Online Chat and Chatbots to Enhance Mature Student Engagement in Higher Education"

Partner: Leeds, Status: submitted to International Journal of Lifelong Education

"Estudio sobre el uso de chatbots en docencia dentro de titulaciones de la ETSIIT de Universidad de Granada"

Partner: UGR, Status: submitted to Revista de Enseñanza y Aprendizaje de Ingeniería de Computadores

Deliverable 12: Conference Papers

Using chatbot for course evaluation in higher education

A. Čižmešija, G. Hajdin, D. Oreški (FOI)

Improving student engagement and course completion using chatbot application

A. Čižmešija, A. Horvat, D. Plantak Vukovac (FOI)

Usability and User Experience of a Chat Application with Integrated Educational Chatbot Functionalities

Dijana Plantak Vukovac, Ana Horvat & Antonela Čižmešija (FOI)

Users' Needs Assessment for Chatbots’ Use in Higher Education

Olia Tsivitanidou, Andri Ioannou (CYENS)

Envisioned pedagogical uses of chatbots in Higher Education and perceived benefits and challenges

Olia Tsivitanidou, Andri Ioannou (CYENS)

An Overview of the Use of Chatbots in Medical and Healthcare Education

Fotos Frangoudes, Marios Hadjiaros, Eirini C. Schiza, Maria Matsangidou, Olia Tsivitanidou & Kleanthis Neokleous (CYENS)

University student surveys using chatbots: Artificial Intelligence conversational agents

Noorhan Abbas, Thomas Pickard, Eric Atwell, Aisha Walker (Leeds)

Studying How to Apply Chatbots Technology in Higher-Education: First Results and Future Strategies

Antonio M. Mora, Alberto Guillén, Francisco Barranco, Pedro A. Castillo & Juan J. Merelo (UGR)

Exploring the Role of Chatbots and Messaging Applications in Higher Education: A Teacher’s Perspective

J. J. Merelo, P. A. Castillo, Antonio M. Mora, Francisco Barranco, Noorhan Abbas, Alberto Guillen, Olia Tsivitanidou (UGR/Leeds/CYENS)

Deliverable 13: Social Media Channels

EDUBOTS YouTube channel

EDUBOTS Facebook channel

EDUBOTS Twitter Channel

EDUBOTS LinkedIn Channel

Deliverable 14: Community-driven Massive Open Online Course (cMOOC)

for Knowledge Sharing in Higher Education


Other Publications


Final Edubots conference (January 2022): The aim of the final conference was to raise dissemination about the project and also to attract more users to the Edubots application and registrations to the cMOOC. The statistics of the final conference are very good: 232 registrations, of which 132 were watching the conference live at some point. A series of 12 videos is available for the public here :

Edubots Conference, June 2021:

Presentation of Differ on faculty e-learning education:   

RISE presented on the 8th of October 2020 a conference paper titled: “Users' needs assessment for chatbots’ use in Higher Education” at the CECIIS conference (

A list of project results presentations: download the presentations from GD

Hosting webinars

Edubots Webinar #1 From start to finish; Chatbots supporting students through their student journey

June 2 2021, with Marita Skjuve

Edubots Webinar #2 with Myles Blaney from the University of Edinburgh

June 10 2021, with Myles Blaney

Edubots Webinar #3 with Markus Schatten from FOI, University of Zagreb

June 16 2021, with Markus Schatten

Edubots Webinar #4 ’Are you OK?’ Students’ trust in a chatbot providing support opportunities

Aug 11, 2021, with Joonas Pesonen

Edubots webinar #5 Can chatbots help create a sense of connectedness? with Sylvie Studente

Aug 27, 2021, with Sylvie Studente

Edubots Webinar #6 Accessible virtual assistants: unlocking access to support with AI

Sep 23 2021, with Dr. Tim Coughlan

Sep 30, 2021, with Izaak Dekker

Recorded, but not published. 

Presented at international conferences webinars

Developing Online Quality – Open Forum with EFMD, GBSN

  • EFMD Webinar 2021 (Global)
  • Building relationships online
  • EADL Webinar, Nov 2020 (EU)
  • FunKon Nov 18 2020 (National, Norway)

Further Online Publications

Articles published by CYENS (RISE):

Articles published by FOI: