EDUBOTS Project Results

Studying How to Apply Chatbots Technology in Higher-Education: First Results and Future Strategies

JJ Merelo

This paper tries to find the best condition to use chatbots (conversational agents) in higher-education studies after pilots carried out at the University of Granada (Spain). Our aim, along with the rest of partners in EDUBOTS -an Erasmus + European Project which counts with two pedagogical chatbots-, is to improve students’ engagement in class, as well as reducing the more

Users' Needs Assessment for Chatbots’ Use in Higher Education

Olia Tsivitanidou

Higher education comprises an important field for the application of chatbots, especially for large-scale use. This paper reports on a needs assessment that was conducted with higher education users (i.e., educators and students) for examining their needs and expectations on chatbots’ integration in educational settings. The study was conducted in the context of a research more

Using chatbot for course evaluation in higher education

Antonela Čižmešija

The growing potential of chatbots is getting more attention in education, both in application and in the research area. Using chatbot technology as a new channel of collecting feedback from students is an innovative approach that is less time and resource-demanding for both sides included in evaluation: teachers and students. The main purpose of this study is to more

Improving student engagement and course completion using chatbot application

Antonela Čižmešija

Fostering students’ engagement in the learning process is crucial for their academic success and can impact their achievement, course completion and skill development. This paper explores the potential of chatbots for improving student engagement and course completion. For this purpose, we employed a communication platform with chatbot functionalities called Differ in five more

Envisioned pedagogical uses of chatbots in Higher Education and perceived benefits and challenges

Olia Tsivitanidou

The widespread use of chatbots is a reality and their application in higher education is promising. Understanding higher education users’ expectations for the use of chatbots in education is important for the design and development of new solutions. The present investigation documents how higher education users envision the pedagogical uses of chatbots in higher more

An Overview of the Use of Chatbots in Medical and Healthcare Education

Olia Tsivitanidou

Chatbots are becoming a trend in many fields such as medical, service industry and more recently in education. Especially in healthcare education, there is a growing interest in integrating chatbots in the learning and teaching processes mostly because of their portability and affordance. In this paper, we seek to explore the primary uses of chatbots in medical education, as well more